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限量手作的實體EP CD 
“There Will Be Light”實體版會另外附上 “Before It Blows”單曲、“Peaceful Day”EP 歌曲、 “Summer Sonic”單曲 及 “Devil Inside Me”單曲。手作數量有限,如果想收藏這EP,現在就INBOX我們預訂吧!我們會盡快回覆及解答查詢。

Limited EP CD hardcopy 
Apart from CD, hardcopy EP will also include “Before It Blows” , “Peaceful Day” EP, “Summer Sonic” and “Devil Inside Me”. The handmade hardcopies are limited in number, INBOX us NOW if you want to add it into your collection! We will reply in no time.


There Will Be Light Tracklist:

  • There Will Be Light -Intro 
  • There Will Be Light 
  • The Last Time 
  • Better Without You
  • I Know You Will Go 

There Will Be Light EP


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